Fundraising Stories

Dog Park Water Fountain Fundraiser | We did it!

We did it! 

Thanks to the tremendous effort and commitment from Wilshire Park dog lovers, Commissioner Carmen Rubio, Portland Parks & Recreation and the community we raised over $17,000 to add a water source to the off-leash dog area at Wilshire Park!   The estimate was $22,000 and we are thankful to Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Portland Parks and Recreation who committed to moving this project forward and  covered the remaining costs.

With a freeze line added to the project, that means that water will be available all year long.  The fountain (water spigot)  was installed on  May 16, 2023 – just in time for the summer. Commissioner Rubio joined us on July 6 for the dedication and Pips provided donuts.

(Friends of Wilshire Park) and BWNA (Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood Association) have worked together over the years to raise funds for the NatureScape and the Children’s Playground  and in September 2020 launched an ambitious fundraising goal to raise $22K to bring a piped-in water source to the  dog park.

So many people donated money and time to make this happen. Big thanks and tail wags to individual donors and businesses including Green Dog Pet Supply, Wild Pet Provisions, Pets on Broadway, 3 Dog Boarding & Daycare, Blackbird Wine Shop, Coco Donuts, Tacovore, Steeplejack Brewing Co., Pig Sauce BBQ, Tomorrow’s Verse, McPeet’s, and so many more.

Project Overview

The “estimated” cost of $21,692 to bring water to the dog park has two main buckets (1) Water Bureau fees of $11,692 and (2) Parks Bureau fees of $10,000.  The good news is that the water source won’t be tied into the existing irrigation points in the park, which means that the water will be available for the dogs all year long.  The water source will be provided by the Portland Water Bureau to include a 3/8” water meter service, charges for Service Development, Meter Service Installation, Service Activation and Backflow Review and Inspection totaling an estimated $11,692.  The Parks Bureau Fees include Design Plan Development and Review, Backflow Device, Area Drain and Materials, Plumbing Line, Materials, Equipment, Frost Free line, Plumbing Labor, and a Contingency Fund totaling an estimated $10,000.

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New Playhouse Fundraising Success

We did it!

We’ll have more details soon, but congratulations, community! YOU DID IT! We’ve raised enough money for the new playhouse in the toddler play area at Wilshire Park. During this difficult time of quarantine, children have been particularly affected by not being able to play in their favorite places with their friends. It’s our hope that when it’s safe to return to our public spaces, they’ll have a new playhouse to look forward to. As soon as the order is finalized and we have an installation timetable, we’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime, we wish to give our wholehearted thanks to the Central Northeast Neighbors coalition and Portland Parks and Recreation. Without their support this never could have happened.